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Today my leg no fail hurt again. This time it radiated towards the back of my knee. Each step it felt like my skin grew tighter and tighter and I sat on the bridge near my school just to catch my breath. It’s so unbearable now I cannot stand it much longer. And I forgot to mention I stood 1o hours of my 11 hour shift and it was the most painful day of my life.

I need prayers, I need help.

-Lee Farley- 5-16-11



Today I was walking to school like usual [2 mile walk each way] Which never used to be an Issue.. But ever since the mystery of my left leg caused me to have 3 surgeries and pain it’s been a terrible dread each day to walk. Today I had a new feeling.. The tibia had this sharp tightening pain throbbing non stop, it hurt so bad  that tears ran down my cheek and I just couldn’t stand it I had to sit down on the side of the road [been doing that a lot lately] until the swelling went down and continued slightly behind schedule to school..

I am suffering, the pain is too intense.. It’s beyond a simple ache, this is killing me.