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Why I’m here..

October 2009 was the first time my leg was operated on because of the growing lump/mass and the terrible pain I had for years just above my left ankle. About 4/5 months later had to have another surgery [this time awake] because they found  a totally separate problem that had been causing me even more pain…

I had a fourth tendon on my  left ankle, everyone else in the world suppose to have 3. They cut it to “deactivate” it but left it there. Apparently few months later when I was starting Junior year [last year] I had to have a 3rd surgery because the pain was too intense, they removed the tendon all together. For all my surgeries I had physical therapy but the pain hadn’t faded.

Till today I suffer, I look at my scars and ask why are they there? It didn’t help me by cutting my leg open ..

-Lee 5-12-11-